Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a copy editor?

Having a well-written, error-free project is very important, especially if you are planning to have the work published (either traditionally or on your own). An experienced editor can make tweaks and changes to correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes and improve the clarity and flow of your work. Besides—your time is important! For a more in-depth discussion, check out this great article by Molly McCowan.

How many words constitute a page for a per-page rate?

According to the Editorial Freelancers Association, the industry-standard page is 250 words. Therefore, to calculate your project's standard page count, divide the total word count by 250.

What if I need my work edited quickly?

A rush fee, which can range anywhere from 15 percent to 40 percent of the total project fee, will be added to your bill if you need the work sooner than the deadline I quote for you after reviewing your work. The exact percentage of the fee will depend on how much sooner you need the work.

Do you edit on hard copy?

Yes. I do provide hard-copy editing but only when the project is in its final draft and needs a light proofread. Please note that I charge $.10 per page if I am required to print the document and will also add all shipping charges to the final invoice.

What payment options are available?

I accept payment via check or PayPal. A fee of 3% is added to all PayPal transactions. After signing the contract, you must confirm with me which method you will be using. All prices are quoted in US dollars. There is a $100 fee for any bounced checks.

Do you provide sample edits?

I would be more than happy to edit two to three pages for your review at no charge.

What are the steps of the editing process?

According to The Chicago Manual of Style (section 2.2; 16th ed.), the steps are as follows:

1. Manuscript submission
2. Manuscript editing
3. Author review
4. Final manuscript
5. Proofreading and indexing
6. Final
7. Prepress or final
8. Publication