I help authors polish their work while maintaining their unique writing style. Most of my editing projects are full-length book manuscripts for university presses and trade publishers, but I occasionally edit other materials, including academic journal articles, dissertations, and short stories, for independent authors.

I offer the following services:

Standard Copyediting

This is often performed after the work has been reviewed by a developmental editor and all revisions/suggestions have been implemented by the author. According to The Copyeditor's Handbook (3rd ed.) by Amy Einsohn, a copyeditor has five basic tasks (which are included in this service): (1) mechanical editing (fixing spelling, punctuation, capitalization, hyphenation, etc.), (2) correlating parts (cross-checking of endnotes, references, tables, and figures), (3) language editing (checking for proper grammar, usage, diction), (4) content editing (flagging inconsistencies or discrepancies in content as well as structural/organizational problems), and (5) permissions (reminding the author to obtain permission to reprint lengthy quotations, tables, charts, etc.).

For copyediting projects, I work in Microsoft Word with Track Changes turned on so that all edits made to the manuscript are clearly recorded for the author’s review.

Query Integration

With most of the university presses I work for, I perform another review of the manuscript after the author has reviewed all edits and responded to any queries. During this stage, I review my edits from the first pass, along with any new edits from the author, and implement the appropriate changes, either accepting or rejecting each edit in Word. Once this stage is completed, the “clean” Word document is ready for typesetting.


This service is performed after the work has been typeset, either marked up by hand on hard-copy proof pages or using markup tools in Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is normally one of the last read-throughs before the book goes to print. The work is checked for spelling, punctuation, capitalization, basic grammatical errors and typos, and any design issues that may have happened during typesetting. Please note that restructuring/rewriting of sentences and application of an editorial style (if applicable) is not included with this service.

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