Nicole is an excellent copy editor. She filled a critical role in the publication of my book as well as in the development of my press kit. During our contracted time together, she quickly and accurately turned each set of edits around, which allowed me to make my publishing deadline. Working with my personal style guide, Nicole made edits in a format that was easily understood by my team while staying true to the overall feel I was looking for. Her attention to detail and concern for the overall project impressed me greatly. Nicole was a pleasure to work with—both in her professionalism and enthusiasm for her craft—during the publication of my first book, and I have no doubt that I will be working with her on many future projects.
— Krayl Funch, An Appealing Plan
After completing my first novel and short story series, I was very nervous about hiring a professional editor to read over my work. I had no idea what to expect. Fortunately, I hired Nicole and had a wonderful experience. She did a fantastic job polishing my stories. She has a great eye for detail and is very precise in her comments and questions. We interacted through emails and Nicole was always professional and very personable. I enjoyed working with her and plan on hiring her again for my future projects.
— Elaine Gonzales, Protector
Nicole is a precise, thoughtful, and deeply gifted editor. Her remarkable knowledge of grammar, syntax, and style made my prose clearer and more complete while bringing my voice to the fore. Her knowledge of citation style, references, and footnotes is nothing short of remarkable. Nicole is more than a great grammarian and stylist. She is a serious and thoughtful editor and a wonderful reader. Her editorial suggestions show that she is a careful editor who understood my manuscript—its argument and structure, its nuances and complexities—and, most importantly, what I was trying to accomplish. Her suggestions helped me get there. She made my manuscript come to life and my words leap off the page.
— Desmond Jagmohan, Princeton University
I hired Nicole to proofread my book, and she did a fantastic job. She is trustworthy, reliable, fast, and, most importantly, fun to work with. I really appreciated how she communicated difficult subjects well. She completed the proofread to a very high standard, and I was very impressed with her work. I can highly recommend Nicole, and I will certainly need her help on future projects.
— Adam Montandon, The Awesome Department
Nicole was an absolute gem to work with. She provided spot-on suggestions and answered all of my annoying inquiries with grace and patience. She was a true collaborator during the copyediting process, which is a rare find and for which I am forever grateful.
— Bianca Sloane, Every Breath You Take
Nicole is an accomplished and talented editor, because it’s so evident that she cares about her craft. She cares about being thorough and disciplined with her work. On top of being extremely detail-oriented, Nicole cleaned up my manuscript while maintaining harmony with its style and tone. She’s an astute hawk of an editor; I can’t recommend her enough.
— Juan Alvarado Valdivia, I Ain’t Goin’ Out Like That: A Memoir
Nicole worked as the copyeditor for the forthcoming John Paul II Speaks on Women, a chronological collection of the writings of the soon-to-be-canonized twentieth-century Pope. Throughout the process of putting together this collection, I found her work to be thorough, her comments to be cogent, and her ability to focus on minute details both life- and sanity-saving. She is professional, patient when besieged by the qualms of apprehensive collaborators, and appreciates the occasional snarky remark. Working with her is a pleasure that I hope to repeat someday.
— Virginia Galloway, John Paul II Speaks on Women